Florida Standards
for Florida School District Leaders

Please note: Due to the decision by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to implement Florida Standards rather than Common Core, the term Florida Standards is used throughout this website. Any reference to Common Core on FADSS-related documents were developed prior to the FDOE transitioning to Florida Standards. Any other reference to or use of the term Common Core, is directly related to the source of that information.


Collaborative Space

The online collaborative community is a space where you and your leadership teams can learn together, connect with colleagues,and share ideas as you move forward with leading the implementation of Florida Standards in your districts.

Communication About Florida Standards

Communication resources including the FADSS position on Florida Standards and other resources for communicating about Florida Standards with the public.

Needs Assessment Information

Implementing the Florida Standards entails major changes in what students learn, how they learn it, and how we will know when they have learned. The Florida Standards Implementation Needs Assessment is a tool developed by FADSS to assist district and building leaders in evaluating their implementation of the Florida Standards.

Florida School Board Association (FSBA) Florida Standards Webinars

Webinar presentations produced for the Florida School Boards Association by the Center for College and Career Readiness with information on Florida Standards and district planning.

Resources to Investigate

Resources aligned with the Needs Assessment Rubric that are intended as a source of ideas for how the district might “step up” its implementation efforts.

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